The story of the oldest vine in the world

It is the story of the Noble vine, "Modra Kavčina", which by a weaving of happy and almost incredible coincidences has defied time for over four hundred years at Lent in Maribor.

Details:80 pages, 43 graphic materials, format 24.5 x 24.5 cm, hardcover clad in velvet, decorative protective tape.
29,00 €

This book, newly designed and more comprehensive than before, presents the story of this venerable vine. Mr. Tone Zafošnik, the town’s vinedresser and author of this book, took to the project of this book with the same love and care that he used when voluntarily cultivating the vine for thirty years. This richly illustrated monograph is indispensable for ascertaining the internationally renowned symbol of the city, something not just townspeople of Maribor, but all Slovenes can be justifiably proud.