A Book “MARIBOR CENTER”– Slovenian language

Details:15 x 25 cm, 140 pages, hardcover with elastic
9,90 €

A contemporary guide to Maribor's old town centre and its surroundings. In it, you can find pointers to the various tours of famous and lesser-known facilities, squares, urban spaces, and interiors, both historical as well as modern, that are presented through themed itineraries. It is up to the city guides to assist visitors so that they can, in the short time available to them, spend a few days in the most varied way. With a short historical outline of the development of the city, the central attention is devoted to present contemporary Maribor from different perspectives. Thematic trails are mapped throughout the old part of the town, they take us along the path to art and historical sites, where upon visiting we are gifted with the most interesting interiors; stop at the new additions to the city; and head for the nightlife. The only exception is the path that connects the green areas of the city with its hinterland.  Within the thematic contexts, the pages are illustrated with photographs and brief descriptions of individual attractions. Each chapter begins with a transparent map that serves as a way to orient oneself and get to know the urban space. The guide is interesting for tourists and residents of the city alike; not only for the book's actual content but for its insight into the many lesser-known attractions the city has to offer. It is a book that function's as an urban and modern guide.