Trop Wines

The wines ripen in oak barrels, enriched by an arched wine cellar, aged 116 years. The continuation of their ancestor's knowledge, experience and secrets are the key of their wine story.

Winemaking is a long-lasting tradition of the Trop family, passed from generation to generation. Their vineyards are located in Ljutomer-Ormož hills, in villages of Lahonci and Runeč. Vineyard positions are south-eastern, and the soil composition is great for producing high quality wines. They do not use herbicides, they enrich the soil with organic fertilizers. They pay special attention to hand-work in the vineyard. They produce grape juice out of hand-picked, healthy and ripe grapes. Their wines won high rankings at local wine appraisal in Ljutomer, at state-wide competition in Gornja Radgona, at international wine appraisal in Ljubljana and at an international wine appraisal in Maribor – VINOFORUM.