Winery Kos

Their vineyard positions are in the top five percent of best positions for white wines in the world.

At the brink of Ljutomer – Ormož winemaking region, on top of Pavlovski vrh near Jeruzalem, stretch the vineyards of Kos family. They started their winemaking story in 1986, with humble 1200 vines of furmint. Today, they cultivate 20,000 vines. Furmint, welschriesling, kerner, chardonnay, rizvaner, pinot gris, sauvignon, yellow muscat, pinot noir and ranfol all flourish in their vineyards. Natural resources, hardworking hands and experience are key factors for exceptional quality of their wines, enriched by personal note. They try to present the connection and attachment of the family members to their vineyards and wines through their wines, be it to an expert or a simple wine lover.