Kušter Wines

In the past years, those wines have been joined by dry wines with fuller body and character, as well as special quality wines with more residual sugars.

Wine house Kušter is located at the beginning of Svečina valley. This family name is known for at least 500 years, and this family has been called Kušter for at least 300 years, that is also the name of their wines. A family farm which also cultivates apple trees. Master of the house, Vinko Šerbinek, learned the winemaking craft from his grandfather, Vinko. His father, also Vinko, cultivated mostly fruit, because only about a third of vineyards remained after the war. It was in 1989 that Vinko Jr. and his wife Sonja started the first restorations. The story of Kušter wines thus becomes a brand of their wine. In the past years, Vinko's son Žiga also joined in the cellar work, who took the reins for the first time in 2019. As wine lovers, their main goal is to produce ripe and rich, fruity and fresh, dry and semi-dry wines, from the vineyards that stretch over multiple positions, are composed of different types of soil and lie between 330 and 430 meters of altitude. Visit them and try the palette of their homemade goodies.