Winery Kupljen

Young, fresh, fruity wines (white label line) are the basis, and the top of Kupljen's wine pyramid is represented by top quality white and red wines from selected positions, grapes and barrels – the line Stars of Stiria.

It has been 45 years since the first bottled wines Kupljen with their own label made its way to the wider market. Their estate is located at the heart of Prlekija, at vineyard positions that have been recognized as prestigious for centuries, in Ljutomer – Ormož wine region. At their 18 hectares of vineyards, they produce about 70.000 to 80.000 bottles annually. 100% of their grapes are from their own vineyards, harvest and selection are made exclusively by hand. Kupljen wines are naturally produced wines, distinguished by authentic flavours of the variety and terroir. The wines are elegant and mineral.