Kobal Wines

Their focus is on white wines, which works especially well with their terroir.

Wine cellar Kobal is a small, boutique wine cellar from north-eastern Slovenia, Styria region, situated near the city of Ptuj, microregion of Haloze. Wine culture in Ptuj boasts nearly 2,000 years of history. They cultivate sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, furmint, yellow muscat, chardonnay, welschriesling and traminer. Out of the red wines, they focus mainly on blue franconian, an indigenous Slovene variety. They wish to show the authenticity of the vineyard position, varietal characteristics, minerality of Haloze with their wines that are full bodied and have a long aftertaste. They cultivate 26 hectares of vineyards with integrated production method, with a rich geological structure of the soil, mainly marl, covered with a thin layer of clay.