Kaloh Wines

Their vineyards bathe in the kind sunlight from dawn until dusk, and Stolni vrh shields them from wind with its southern position, which offers the ideal combination of rich soil and favourable microclimate.

The third generation of family winemakers cultivates vineyards on Stolni vrh above Maribor. They care for the vines with love, commitment and respect. They are committed to environment-friendly winemaking (KOPOP), approaching ecological methods of cultivation. They pick the grapes by hand, without the use of herbicides or pesticides. They mow the grass, so the soil is not poisoned. Their son studies ecology with nature conservation, which shows the love for nature in their family is imparted from young age and keeps improving. Their specialty are predicate wines – wines of special quality. Their wines won numerous awards in Slovenia and abroad, a number of large gold awards and multiple champions of the variety, among others.