In order to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and in accordance with recommendations from competent institutions, the Old Vine House is currently closed for visitors. You can still reach us via e-mail address and phone number +386 51 335 521. We kindly invite you to visit our online wine shop and buy our products there. You can pick up your order in person by prior arrangement at the Old Vine House.


This excellent range of only the best wines made by only the best of local wine producers, of course, also requires an excellent approach to presenting and serving wine.

With Old Vine House wines, information and stories are served to you by professional staff. That is why for many guests the tasting in the winery is the culmination of their visit to the Old Vine House.

Don’t merely drink it - experience the wine!

When you are served with an exceptional range of fine wines, you are as well served with information. We explain to you features of local wines, we talk about interesting special vintages, we whisper to you fine and great secrets of the wine, we can also educate you on the principles of alcoholic fermentation, the secrets of combining food and wine, and much more. So you see, we do not provide you with the bare facts, we weave you the stories of our wines and winemakers. The presentation is also enriched with our own personal experience. Thus, wine tasting becomes a rich wine experience.

What is the appearance, smell, taste? - And why?

We will explain the features of the wine during a tasting:

A wine connoisseur supplements the interpretation of data on soil composition and position of the vineyard from which the tasted wine came, which helps you to understand how the environment affects the wine. Even yeast, which plays an important role in the structure of the organoleptic sensations in the wine are part of the explanation. We help guests understand the impact of the wooden or stainless steel barrels on wine, explain the reasons for the cooling of the must during the fermentation process and the use of inert gasses, the difference between a normal and special vintage, how the ice wine is made, etc. We suggest possibilities for combining food and wine, often we help in a selection of wine that is good with most dishes.

We also offer our expert opinion to help you choose which wine to take home.

Maribor Wine Road 

The Maribor Wine Road/Path will take you to wine shops in the centre of Maribor, where you will have the chance to learn all about premium quality Styrian wines and their makers, and relish in the excellent local cuisine. More about Maribor Wine Road.

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