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To prevent spreading covid-19 infection and in accordance with advice from professional institutions, the House of the Old Vine is closed from 24. 10. 2020 until further notice. Despite the closure, we invite you to visit the online store where you can find our products.

The Old Vine Around the World

The Old Vine has taken root almost all over the world. Grafts of the oldest vine in the world are given as a gift to chosen recipients from near and far. Thus, the Old Vine has become a symbol of friendship as well.

It already is growing on four continents

The Old Vine is growing almost all over the world. Of its uniqueness, which is of local as well as pan-Slovenian and global importance, the Old Vine is a symbol of friendship and mutual cooperation. The City of Maribor each year gives as a gift grafts of the oldest vine in the world to partner municipalities and institutions in Slovenia and around the world. Thus, the roots of descendants of this respectable lady intertwine the soil of a large part of the globe. By the end of 2018, endorsed by an official certificate, they planted 173 grafts on three continents and in over 25 countries.


The Bestowal of Scions

The granting of scions is a significant ceremonial event that takes place during the Pruning of the Old Vine event. At that time, the city vintner does his most important professional job in the vineyard. The correct pruning has a direct impact on the growth of the vine and the grape harvest. On this occasion, Maribor and the Old Vine are honoured by several invited guests, townspeople, representatives from wine orders and fraternities as well as wine queens among others; this makes for those visiting a very colourful and interesting party. 


Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.