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The Maribor Wine Queen

The story of the Maribor Wine Queen is interwoven with vine stories by vine tendrils. She spreads the word of our unique treasure and exceptional wines as well as raising awareness about the culture of wine drinking. Can she offer you the queen's wine?

An honorary position

The Maribor Wine Queen is an ambassador for the oldest vine in the world, winemakers from Maribor’s winegrowing sub-districts, and the rich traditions and culture of Styrian viticulture. The girl whose life story is intertwined by vine tendrils to vine stories - either those from her family vineyard or those which have been written on study benches. Her main mission is to promote the unique treasure that is growing at the old centre of Maribor, the exceptional local wine makers, and in each moment the promotion of responsible, prudent consumption of wine. The function of the Maribor Wine Queen is an honorary position. Selection takes place every two years. The coronation of the Queen is one of the highlights of the ceremonial grape harvest of the Old Vine. Each Maribor wine queen selects and presents its queen's wine.


Neža Jarc, the current Maribor Queen of Wine

The new Maribor Wine Queen from 2020 to 2022 is 25-year-old Neža Jarc from the beautiful Styrian wine village Svečina.

Neža Jarc is a student of the Marketing Masters course in Ljubljana, before that she graduated in Portorož where she studied Tourism. Ever since her childhood, she has been closely connected with wine, as already the fourth generation of her family is involved in viticulture and winemaking. At home, they cultivate around 10 hectares of vineyards, mostly white varieties. The family also runs a tourist farm, where guests can taste local cuisine and excellent wines.

When Neža Jarc received the crown of the Maribor Wine Queen, she said: “I am happy and proud to accept the title of the 12th Maribor Wine Queen. It is a great honour for me to be appointed the ambassador of the oldest vine and the Maribor wine-growing region and to promote the capital of Slovenian Styria – Maribor. I will strive for a greater and better recognition and recognisability of Styrian premium wines and a respectful attitude towards the noble drop."

For her queen wine, the 12th Maribor Wine Queen chose the Sauvignon variety, as it is one of the most typical ones for her region and one of the most promising ones of the home wine cellar.