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The Maribor Wine Queen

The story of the Maribor Wine Queen is interwoven with vine stories by vine tendrils. She spreads the word of our unique treasure and exceptional wines as well as raising awareness about the culture of wine drinking. Can she offer you the queen's wine?

An honorary position

The Maribor Wine Queen is an ambassador for the oldest vine in the world, winemakers from Maribor’s winegrowing sub-districts, and the rich traditions and culture of Styrian viticulture. The girl whose life story is intertwined by vine tendrils to vine stories - either those from her family vineyard or those which have been written on study benches. Her main mission is to promote the unique treasure that is growing at the old centre of Maribor, the exceptional local wine makers, and in each moment the promotion of responsible, prudent consumption of wine. The function of the Maribor Wine Queen is an honorary position. Selection takes place every two years. The coronation of the Queen is one of the highlights of the ceremonial grape harvest of the Old Vine. Each Maribor wine queen selects and presents its queen's wine.


Maruša Mukenauer, Maribor’s 13th Wine Queen  

Maribor’s Wine Queen competition is held every two years, with the winner becoming the ambassador of the world’s oldest grapevine, along with the extensive tradition and history preserved in the region of Štajerska’s winegrowing culture. 

Maribor’s new Wine Queen for 2023 through 2025 is 21-year-old Maruša Mukenauer from Štajerska’s idyllic winegrowing town of Svečina. 

Maruša Mukenauer, Maribor’s 13th Wine Queen “I’ve been around wine and winemaking since I was born. Our family’s tradition goes all the way back to 1903, and we are the fourth generation continuing on the estate. Now I will be the proud ambassador of the world’s oldest grapevine, Maribor’s incredible winegrowing region, and of course our wonderful Maribor itself. I am the voice of a new generation of vintners whose fresh trends and approaches are elevating our wine region to among the world’s very best.” 

Maribor’s 13th Wine Queen has picked Welschriesling as her regal wine of choice, as it is a sort that is typical of her birthplace as well as of Štajerska in general. Her family’s cellar stocks plenty of it.