Bare facts about the Old Vine alone won't leave you indifferent, and on top of that the oldest vine in the world carries with it a lot of symbolism.

The Bare Facts

The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, resides in Maribor right at the centre of the old town. The Old Vine, with an age that spans over 400 years, won its place into the Guinness World Records by being the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes; there is no room for doubt about this as experts have confirmed that it is indeed the oldest! From its clusters come the Žametovka, also known as Blaufränkisch, a variety of grape which masters annually squeeze for its precious juice. The Old Vine symbolizes the rich wine culture of Maribor and Slovenia, and finally the entire world. Today, descendants of this great vine are grown almost all over the world.


A lot of symbolism

Let the Old Vine tell you her story; this venerable lady speaks of wine, resilience, and life energy. Let yourself be inspired by its immense power, both symbolically and with the energy from the fruit of its sisters. 


Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.