In order to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and in accordance with recommendations from competent institutions, the Old Vine House is currently closed for visitors. You can still reach us via e-mail address and phone number +386 51 335 521. We kindly invite you to visit our online wine shop and buy our products there. You can pick up your order in person by prior arrangement at the Old Vine House.


We offer only the best wines made by only the best local winemakers, many of which have achieved excellent results at major international competitions. We introduce and serve them to you with sommelier excellence.

Only local, only the best

 On the surface, the Old Vine House Winery is one of the smaller wineries but inside is a real treasure trove of Styrian wines with a wide range of tastes that will delight both wine lovers and connoisseurs. The winery only accepts the best wines from strictly local winemakers, many of which achieved excellent results at the largest international wine competitions at home and abroad. The winery’s wine collection now represents more than 50 local winemakers with 180 and more of their best wines.


White, red, ice, dessert … and special wines

 In our collection of native wines, naturalized and widespread international varieties can be found. Most of them are fresh white wines since these are most often represented in Podravje. Among our offerings, there can also be found good red wines, sparkling wine made by the traditional method and sweet dessert wines. We also provide ice wine; Podravje is one of the few global wine areas where it can be produced. The winery also offers such extraordinary wines such as late harvest wines, Selection wines as well as berry and dry berry selections.


The winery also hides a few eccentrics, such as the wine Oceanus, which is matured at the bottom of the Piran Bay, orange Dolium wine, which is matured in a special clay container called a "doli,” and the like.


Colours, smells, acids, notes ... and Noble Rot

 The most common wines from Podravje are fresh, drinkable and pleasantly aromatic, with an alluring green yellowish colour. The smell of wine is clean, odour free, with seductive and luxurious fruity and floral notes. The taste is lively and fresh with rounded acids, in particular harvests full and rich.


The climate characteristics of Podravje are best suited to produce fresh wines, in especially good years we can produce exceptional dry and sweeter wines with good potential for aging.

Due to climatic conditions on grapes you can also develop noble rot, which, especially in sweeter wines, rounds the noble character of the wine.