In order to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and in accordance with recommendations from competent institutions, the Old Vine House is currently closed for visitors. You can still reach us via e-mail address and phone number +386 51 335 521. We kindly invite you to visit our online wine shop and buy our products there. You can pick up your order in person by prior arrangement at the Old Vine House.

Guided Tours

It is true that a mere glance at the oldest vine in the world is great, but it simply really pays off to take your time and step into the Old Vine House as well. And while it is true that you can go and see it for yourself, those of us that work at the Old Vine House are wine experts, we who breathe in the Old Vine every day, who can relay so many interesting facts that it would be a shame not to take advantage of us.

Why take a guided tour?

Illuminating the oldest vine in the world's storied past leaves no one indifferent. We will divulge the details and secrets of how the age of the oldest vine in the world was determined. We will proudly show, the certificate from the Guinness World Records that declares that the beauty in front of the Old Vine House really is the oldest of its kind in the world.

Archduke Johann of Austria’s life story illuminates his great merits for the development of winemaking in Styria. A short movie in the Archduke Johann room picturesquely presents Maribor and its surroundings in all seasons.

Stories about the Wine Queens, their role, and the selection process are attractive even for those who have no intention to compete for this prestigious title. On the floor of the Old Vine House is Slovenia's biggest contemporary floor mosaic; a sinuous road that contains many symbols which we can unravel together. Anecdotes and legends reshape the feeding of dry facts into an informative and relaxed experience.

We can also serve you with the characteristics of the wine regions throughout Slovenia. There is much more you can learn if you opt for a guided tour at the Old Vine House.



If, after the tour, you decide to enjoy a wine tasting, you can put your newly acquired knowledge about the characteristics of wines from Podravje to the test.


Guided tours through the city

 To make it so that these details are not overlooked, and not miss any interesting wine and grape stories, we recommend to all lovers of wine and viticulture that you learn about the city in the company of an experienced, specialized guide.

At the same time, we recommend that during a solo stroll around the city you stop for a glass – actually, 9 samples - on the Maribor (city!) Wine Trail.


Completion at the Old Vine House

The sommeliers at the Old Vine House will be happy to supplement you with professional wine explanations and invite you to complete your journey by treating yourself to a taste of the local wines from the well-stocked wine cellar.