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Setting up of the Wind Rattle in Front of the Old Vine House

We kindly invite you to the city with the oldest vine in the world where each year a traditional annual event happens on the last Saturday of July

Start: 25.07.2020 at 11:00

A traditional ethnographic event takes place in front of the Old Vine House in Lent, Maribor, and is accompanied by indispensable accordion sounds and excellent Styrian wines

Join us and together we will listen to the song that the wind rattle will sing to the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, while we will symbolically welcome the upcoming autumn and the Old Vine Festival.

"Sunbathing on vines are ripening grapes,
and quietly in the sun they with vitality are filling,
and quietly with noble grace they are filling with the song
that the wind rattles through the hills are trilling".
(Janko Glazer, Autumn poem)




Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.