Evidence of age

The advanced age of the Old Vine at Lent is proven by depictions of it in pictures of Maribor dating back to 1657 and 1687; these pictures are kept at the Styrian Provincial Museum in Graz.

Both pictures show the Old Vine on the façade of the house at 8 Vojašniška street (Vojašniška ulica) in Lent. Per archival data from the Regional Archives Maribor, the house was built in the 16th century and from that time until today, at least on the south side, it has not experienced any significant architectural changes. On mentioned depictions on the right side of the city gate is clearly visible trellis with the vine, which already 340 years ago, boasted along the entire southern façade of the house on which the Old Vine is still growing today. We can conclude that the Old Vine in the year 1657 was at least 100 years old.

The venerable age of the Old Vine in Maribor was established by professional measurements which in 1972 were conducted by Prof. Dr. Rihard Erker, a dendrologist from the Forestry Department at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana on the initiative of naturalist and professor Mirko Šoštarič and professor Lojze Hrček. Based on a methodical probing of the vine and with the help of a microscope, Dr. Erker counted the growth rings and revealed that in 1972 the Old Vine was at least 350 years old, perhaps even 400 years old. The exact age could not be determined since a few centimetres of the middle of the vine's core was rotten.


Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.