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The authors of the logo and all other graphical elements of The Old Vine / Old Vine House in its entirety are the work of authors from Tandem Studios. The owner of the author’s material rights to the entire image of The Old Vine / Old Vine House is the Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board (Zavod za turizem Maribor). The entire graphical image of The Old Vine / Old Vine House can only be used on promotional material and products of a commercial nature by previous agreement with the Maribor -Pohorje Tourist Board and in accordance with their rules. If using the entire graphic image on the internet it is desired that, either on the image or beside it, you provide a link to the Old Vine House’s website,



The Maribor Tourist Board owns all photographs on the website or has otherwise gained user rights to the images from the respective tourist offerings.


The use of photographs is permitted only for personal use (desktop wallpaper, screen saver, websites, electronic documents, printing on paper, seminar work, school purposes...). In all documents, it is necessary to cite the web address from where the photograph was taken (The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world: and add the author of the photo (the author's name is in the name of each photo). When using images on the internet, place a link to the website


If you would like to use any of the photographs for commercial purposes (this also applies also to non-profit organisations), you must first contact the Maribor Tourist Board to agree on the manner of cooperation. Everything that is not for personal use will be considered as use for commercial purposes, which is the publishing of photographs in publications, posters, in all types of documents (electronic or printed), publishing in various media, etc.


Any form of photographic material reproduction, distribution, or use of photographs for profitable purposes (sale of photographs to a third person) is prohibited.


Photographs from the website can also be received digitally in higher resolutions suitable for printing.

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All interactive maps can be used only within the setting of the website It is not permitted to link the maps to other websites or to copy, edit, modify, print, or use them in any other way without the consent of the Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board.




All electronic varieties of prospectuses can be printed on paper. In doing so it is desired that the PDF file is incorporated on your website and thus contribute to the greater recognition of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world. It is not permitted to change the content (text or picture material) and/or images of the PDF files.



Please note the use of all photos is owned by the Tourist Board Maribor - Pohorje and the following terms and conditions of the photo’s use applies:

Next to the photo, you must add:

- The logo with the URL '' or at least the web address '' //

- The Old Vine logo with the URL '' or at least the web address ''

- The author of the photo (the author's name is in the name of each photo);

Please provide us with copies of the material as well as a link to the website where the photos will be published.

If you have any problems with the aforementioned conditions, please contact us.

Further information is available upon request.

The Tourist Board Maribor - Pohorje.


Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.