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To prevent spreading covid-19 infection and in accordance with advice from professional institutions, the House of the Old Vine is closed from 24. 10. 2020 until further notice. Despite the closure, we invite you to visit the online store where you can find our products.

Info for winemakers

Dear winegrowers and winemakers,

The Old Vine House is a house of wine traditions and Styrian and Slovenian culture. As well as of the world. We want to make you feel it as if it is your temple. Therefore, we invite you to give us your opinions, ideas, and suggestions of cooperation. You can use this contact form. We will be happy to respond and work with you to write new wine stories, stories that reach across all borders.

The Old Vine House Team


Events in the Old Vine House

The unique scenery of the Old Vine and the exceptional ambience of her house fuse together for an unforgettable experience.